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Flowering Dogwood Care a step-by-step guide
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Lovely pinks flowers of a red flowering dogwood

Flowering dogwoods are generally easy to maintain, but can be quite fragile.
Photo G. Lumis


Probably the most important factor for a healthy flowering dogwood tree is good soil.  The type of soil determines not only how much nutrients and water the plant has access to, but also how efficiently the tree can use those nutrients.  This can affect a number of characteristics such as whether your dogwood flowers and to what extent.  As a homeowner, the best contribution you can make to your dogwood's soil and to the long-term viability of your tree is the addition of beneficial mycorrhizal fungi.

Another vital component of dogwood tree care is proper fertilization.  Flowering dogwoods require special types of fertilizers that answer to very specific conditions.

Other Care Concerns
Water weekly during particularly dry periods. Pruning is generally not necessary except to remove dead or injured branches.  Be careful when using lawnmowers or other implements around flowering dogwoods as the bark is easily damaged and wounds can both weaken the tree and serve as an invitation to insects and fungus.

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